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Hi there!
I'm Cherie Hu.


I'm an award-winning journalist, researcher, and founder who has been covering the nexus of music, technology, and business for over seven years.


I founded Water & Music, a research and intelligence network for the new music business. Our mission is to make the music industry more innovative, cooperative, and transparent, through a social and collaborative approach to knowledge exchange. Our bottom-up approach is consistently early-to-market on identifying trends at the fringes of music, tech, and culture.

I'm also a seasoned freelance writer. Since 2015, I've penned hundreds of articles for the likes of Billboard, Forbes, NPR Music, Columbia Journalism Review, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Music Business Worldwide, Variety, and DJ MagI've spoken as an expert commentator on CNBC and SiriusXM Volume; as a guest lecturer at institutions like Harvard University, New York University, Northeastern University, and Berklee Valencia; and as a moderator, panelist, and keynoter at over 40 conferences around the world.

In my free time, I love dancing (especially house and hip-hop), playing piano, going to modern art museums, and eating good food. At large, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity, and to help people better understand the world and their place within it.

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